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Bust out your high school algebra: A = 5, B = 5, solve for X: A - B = X If you answered 0, then you are absolutely correct and this is the future our company is taking. Social media comes and goes – while we weren’t there for MySpace (however, I was), we were there for Google+, and we were even working on our own unique take of social network back in 2009/2010 before abandoning the project. While it seems like most social media is lasting longer now (after all, Facebook has been around longer than MySpace was popular), everything comes to an end. For NodeSpace Technologies, our journey with Twitter has ended as of August 1, 2023. We strongly believe that any company with even an ounce of ethics will join us sooner, rather than later.

Why we left

The proverbial straw was learning that on July 28, 2023, Twitter reinstated an account that was suspended for posting CSAM because the account’s 500,000 followers complained the account was suspended. Musk tweeted that the offending material was “deleted” and the account would be reinstated. Ridiculous.

We stand behind our policies. If one of our clients posted such vile material, not only would they be permanently banned from our services, we would naturally involve law enforcement, and report them to the services we use to “vet” clients, such as FraudRecord to warn other hosting providers.

We won’t be back

We would only likely come back to Twitter should Musk eventually sell it off or have 0% control or say in the company and platform. But that is unlikely. It’s his toy and he’s hyperfocused on it. He’s stuck in 1999, but we’re not. So we’re going to keep marching forward. We urge others to do the same.

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