A word about our company name change

To our valued clients,

I was recently made aware of a bankruptcy filling made by a company registered in Georgia using our former name. In some unfortunate turn of events, several bankruptcy filings were linking to our former corporate website. Upon investigation, this other company has been using the name for a significant time before us and therefore we made the decision to rename our company to prevent any confusion with our clients and business partners and to no longer associate with that name.

When we chose the name, we were using a domain name that we had in our portfolio and we did not do a proper and thorough due diligence when deciding to change our name. In order to eliminate any confusion and potential harm to our company, our membership held an emergency meeting this evening and voted to rename the company, effective immediately. We had a serious lapse in judgement that we could have avoided with a simple web search.

Our new company name is NodeSpace Technologies, LLC and we are updating this name across all of our properties and vendors. Additionally, we are introducing https://www.nodespace.tech as our new corporate website. https://www.nodespace.com will continue to function as our main sales website.

I further want to reiterate that NodeSpace has not filed for bankruptcy and our company is financially stable. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients for years to come.


Travis Newton
Chief Technology Officer & Founder

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